Has Indian Bed Friend 2 been Renewed or Canceled? mytranshop news

Bed Friend

Bed Friend is appreciated by everyone. People are liking the series. Many fans are raising questions about its renewal and its next season. You will get complete details about Bed Friends Season 2 in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Bed Friend

Has Bed Friend been renewed for Season 2?

Bed Friends is a liked series. People want to know more about Bed Freinds Season 2 release. King and Uea’s chemistry has touched the hearts of their fans. Bed Friend Season 1 has come to an end. People do not want the season o end. They are looking for the show’s continuation. People are curious to know when will season 2 be released.

Season: Bed Friend
Total Episode: 10 (Season 1-2)
Status: Season 2 (Running)
Director: Cheewin Thanamin, Wongskulphat
Writing : Jungjing Wanna, Kortunyavat
Cast: Supamongkon Wongwisut, Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa
Genre: Romance
Country of Origin: Thailand
Origin Language: Thailand
Available Languages: Thai, English
First Episode Aired on: Feb 18, 2023 (S01 EP01)
Last Episode Aired on: Apr 22, 2023(S02 EP10)
Season 2 Release Date: NA
Duration: 46 min.
Original Network: GMM One

Bed Friend

What Is Bed Friend All About?

Bed Friend is a series that shows the lives of King and Uea who are colleagues. they are working in the same office for a long time. They start being with each other like friends with benefits. Later, they realize that they really feel for each other which makes it difficult for them to admit it. The story is all about their struggles and challenges and loves to be together.

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Bed Friend

Will There Bed Friends Season 2?

Bed Friends Season 2 renewal is a much-awaited one. Unfortunately, Bed Freinds Season 2 has not been renewed yet. There are very less chances for renewal. However, it is a least Thai Bl from Domundi. The makers also renewed Cutie Pie, but Bed Friends’ renewal is not sure. let us see if the love story of King and Uea continues or not. The first season has been wrapped completely. there is no season 2 hint in the ending. Let us have a look at the details we have gathered for the Bed Friends season 2.

Bed Friend

Bed Friend Season 2 Release Date

Bed Friends Season 2 will be interesting to see. The story of Uea and King has been interesting and catchy for the viewers. We don’t have any confirmation if his mom will try to solve the problems. If season 2 is released, it may show the challenges of the couple for the wedding and life after their marriage. It is often a headache to couples for planning a wedding.

Bed Friend

We all are hopeful that Dumandi will focus on making the show survive another season. All fans will be grateful and happy to have another season of Bed Friends. Let us hope for the best. Till then, we will be clear that no renewal has been announced by the makers of Bed Friends yet. We will update you as soon as we get to know.

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