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Doug Meehan

With the changing weather, many people are falling ill. Whether it is common people or famous personalities anyone can fall sick if they don’t take precautions and safety measures. However, it is not necessary that people will fall ill only because of the weather changing sometimes, diseases can come for any reason and make a person sick. That is why it is necessary to take a body check from time to time so that the person would get to know about the disease. It is better to detect the disease at the start of it as it helps the person to get fine on time otherwise the consequences of it could be dangerous.

Doug Meehan

Is Doug Meehan Sick?

This time the bad health news of Doug Meehan is making the headlines and his fans and watchers want to know what happened to him. Many rumors are claiming that Doug Meehan is ill and his fans are looking for a health update on him. According to the reports, 2 men Jorge Fernandez and Doug Meehan have been impacted by prostate cancer in recent years. Doug Meehan is a well-known name in the media industry and he is currently working at ECVB. The report states that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years back.

Since his diagnosis, he has been serving to raise awareness about the disease from which he was diagnosed and educate others about the importance and need for early detection and treatment. Those who don’t know, just get to know that, Prostate cancer is a severe illness that affects several men throughout the world and the efforts of Meehan in order to raise awareness can aid others to get aware of these risks and what actions they can take in order to safeguard their health. The 58-year-old, Jorge Fernandez also suffered from this disease. khuyên bạn nên xem:  Why Is Minecraft Authentication Servers Are Down? How To Fix It? mytranshop news

As per Fernandez, the diagnosis of this cancer was a sudden and disconcerting experience for him and since then he also started spreading awareness regarding this disease. As per Dr. Mark Pomerantz, Clinical Director of the Genitourinary Group at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, this prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men in the United States. According to him, this disease will happen when the small gland located below the bladder and part of the male reproductive system is usually affected by this cancer, mostly men who suffered from this disease lost their lives of old age instead of cancer itself.

As we said, the early detection of this or any other cancer can be life-saving, and this lethal disease is usually curable and controllable. Dr. Pomerantz further stated that around 250,000 men are diagnosed with his cancer in a year with 30,000 of those who lost their lives.

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