Is Kamene Goro Fired or Sacked? Where Is She Going After Leaving Kiss FM? mytranshop news

Kamene Goro

The limelight is really important for stars whether it is good or bad. Most of the time media targets star for negative reasons. Even sometimes the click baits have also harmed the image of the star. Mostly stars became the prey of fake controversy or sometimes things crafted in a certain way which instigates us to find out about it. This time as well people are talking about Kamene Goro and there are many netizens who are looking to know that is she really fired and where is she now. There are few people who want to know her net worth. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Kamene Goro

Is Kamene Goro Fired or Sacked?

The viewers of Kiss FM are now concerned ever since they learned about the departure of Kamene Goro from the show. People are already missing her and some of them are thinking that she has been fired from the show. On Friday, 27th January 2023, she shot the last episode of the popular show “Kiss FM breakfast” and her fans are already started missing him. The reports are stating that the management of the station has decided to not renew her contract and that is why she has said goodbye to the show.

Now the fans of the show want to know the fate of it whether the makers will continue the show or they will put it to an end. Now, the host herself has released the explanation that why she left the station. We would like to inform the fans of the show that the show will continue and now the new host will be seen hosting it. Host Sheila Kwamboka has been assigned as the host of the morning show. khuyên bạn nên xem:  Sleepy Hallow Arrested, Drill Rappers Sheff G Among 32 Arrested In NYPD Gang Takedown mytranshop news

Where Is Kamene Goro Going After Leaving Kiss FM?

Kamene has debunked the news of the ejection and states that her contract had lapsed and she herself did not discover the need to again renew it. She was with the show last 3 years but now she will not further proceed with it. Michelle Kamene Goro’s fans want to know about her new projects which she did not share at this moment. She has yet to disclose where she is going after leaving the show. In the year 2019, she started working with Radio Africa Group and she has been entertaining and enlightening her listeners with quality content.

Speaking about her net worth, her estimated net worth is 7.5 million Kenyan Shillings. When she was working with the station, she was getting 50,000 Kenyan Shillings. The famous media personality is famous for leading an opulent lifestyle, which suggests that she gets a good amount of earnings. We are wishing her the best and waiting for the news of her new projects.

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