Pokimane Drama Fake Relationship Explained mytranshop news

Pokimane Drama

Just like Youtube, many people are getting popular on Twitch as well. Basically, Twitch is an interactive live streaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more. Many people are quite interested in using this platform and they are getting popular as well and becoming stars too. Most of the time, these Twitch stars remain in the news and create a lot of controversies. Recently, Pokimane drama has brought a lot of limelight and people are quite interested in this news. Pokimane is a famous Twitch streamer that has claimed that a streaming industry professional faked a se*ual and romantic relationship with her.

Pokimane Drama

Pokimane Drama Fake Relationship Explained

He even uses fake screenshots of chats and wrong vulgar photos to “target and manipulate girls” in the gaming community, in the hopes of getting explicit pictures from the ladies. Now, this claim has asserted that social media and people start running towards social media in order to find the details of it. According to the reports, Pokimane streamed live on Wednesday, 1st March 2023, and asserted that a person
(who is not identified yet) she and Twitch streamers “have been serving with many years” had falsified Discord chats with her and sent them to other streamers as well.

The person is doing such nasty things in order to gain the trust of the female streamers as well as watchers in the gaming community. Later on, she got the details from many girls in the gaming community who were worried about the behavior of the person and asked to speak to the manager of Pokimane. They even sent the “many videos and screenshots of their chats with the person” to the manager. By reading chats and watching videos, they get to know the person is lying and trying to manipulate female streamers and watchers. While Pokimane has not watched all of the proof that was sent as she did not want to harm her mental health.

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Pokimane Drama


It also disclosed that this thing was happening from last many months as the man “would then attempt to make se*ual and romantic relationship with these girls after gaining their trust. He tries to impress them, purchase gifts for them, and even asks for private pictures of them”. Now ever since, people have watched this drama on the web they get worried for the safety of the women on this platform. Pokimane states that the gaming streaming industry pro would menace to self-harm when talking with the ladies from the gaming community stating that his relationship with Pokimane was not good and left him self-harming.

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