Rubika Liyaquat Tweet Controversy Explained mytranshop news

Rubika Liyaquat

Since Rubika Liyaquat quit ABP News lots of speculations are in the market regarding the reason for leaving the network. People are witnessing different stories on social media depicting the reason for leaving the news channel. Some claim Rubika Liyaquat left the channel while others are saying that she was banished from the network. What is the truth? In this report, you will understand the star news anchor who used to share Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tweet, was forced to leave the network or she had done with it. The chronology that everyone wants to understand, has been explained in this article. If you are also scrambling for news articles regarding the same, this article will help you. Kindly swipe down the page.

Rubika Liyaquat

Rubika Liyaquat Tweet Controversy Explained

After the train accident, Rubika Liyaquat posted a tweet that this is the biggest train accident of this century and the pictures asking plenty of questions, “Who pierced the armor, How did the technology fail?”, 288 were killed and more than 900 were injured. She kept on adding, “How is it possible that three trains fall victim to the same accident? The nation is with the families of the victims” She used the word “Kavach” in her tweet which she deleted after editing her tweet. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Rubika Liyaquat

The controversy erupted when Rubika Liyaquat deleted the word Kavach from her tweet. For the unversed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Ministry of Railways, and the Railway Minister himself launched Rail Kavach with fanfare in the name of Rail Safety. While launching this technology, the government said rail accidents will not happen or will be less. Meanwhile, a user noticed that Rubika Liyaquat has deleted the word Kavach from her tweet, and asked her “Rubika Liyaquat ji, why did you remove the word Kavach?” He further added, “Will you do journalism with so much fear?” The tweet controversy continued when Rubika Liyaquat replied to the user and answer him. Scroll down the screen and read more details. khuyên bạn nên xem:  What Happened To Corey Struve Talbott? Trav and Cor YouTuber arrested for attacking police officer mytranshop news

Rubika Liyaquat Tweet Controversy Rubika Liyaquat Tweet Controversy


Rubika Liyaquat said that she does not run campaigns and Kavach technology was not used on that route therefore there is no need to spread the lie. Now the question has arisen whether the conscience of the TV anchor has been frightened or is sold out. The other question that needs to be pondered is the journalists who work worth lakhs bow down before the institutions. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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