Snapchat New Update 2023 To Sent You A snap mytranshop news

Snapchat Sent You A Snap Update

Snapchat has to update its notification message. Earlier, we often see ‘sent a snap’ in notifications whenever someone sent a streak. Snapchat has changed the notification message to ‘sent you a snap’. The sender’s name is shown the same way as it was shown. Many users have been confused by this new update. We will discuss everything in detail about this new update. Stay tuned for more details.

Snapchat Sent You A Snap Update

Snapchat Sent You A Snap Update 2023

Snapchat is a short content-sharing platform. It is available on both Android and iOS. People share their snaps as ‘streaks’ using different filters. They also share videos of a particular duration through Snapchat. Today everyone prefers Snapchat because of its anonymous feature. You can keep your Identity private to yourself. You don’t need to put your photo, you can put your avatar.

There is no online symbol whenever you come online on Snapchat. You can call by disclosing your number. All your chats delete after 24 hours if you haven’t saved them. These features make Snapchat the most popular among youngsters. Let us have a look at the new ‘sent you a snap’ update.

Snapchat Sent You A Snap Update:

Snap chat used to send a notification whenever a person sends you a snap. The notification mentions sending a snap with their name. Now, it mentions, the name of the person with the ‘sends you a snap’ option. It has the word ‘you’ in the list now. Many users have felt the difference. According to them, it feels more special when it mentions sending you a snap in the notification. There is no change in the process. The method of sending the snap is the same. You can easily use Snapchat in the same way you do previously. khuyên bạn nên xem:  Who Is Colin Stough? Colin Stough American Idol Wikipedia And Where Is He From? mytranshop news

The change is made in the way you read the notification. Rest everything is same.

Confusion Among The Snapchat Users:

If you have updated the app, you will get a notification ‘sent you a snap’ whenever someone sent you a snap.

Some users are taking it seriously. They are confusing it as if the user has sent the snap to them only. While others like me, are not getting any major difference with the update.

Many are feeling special with this notification n while, other say that the update is of no use to them, and a waste.

Snapchat Discontinuing The Games Business:

Snapchat has officially announced that it will discontinue the games feature. You won’t be able to access games from this year. The update was made in 2022.

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