St. Olaf student Arrested by Police for alleged terroristic threats mytranshop news

St. Olaf student Arrested

A student of St. Olaf College has been arrested for alleged terroristic threats to the other students of the school. Read the entire article to get more insights.

Reportedly, a student of St. Olaf College student is in custody at Rice County Jail after allegedly attacking a female student and three others early Sunday morning. The name of the student has come across as William Schulenburg. According to the criminal complaint, William Schulenburg was charged with one count of first-degree attempted murder and three counts of second-degree assault.


St. Olaf student Arrested

A witness told police that the student had climbed through a window during a group discussion at the college hall and hit the female student with a hammer at least three times and stabbed her with a knife at least twice. Reportedly, the other three male students were severely injured in the attack when they tried to protect the female student.

The two male students were treated at Northfield Hospital for treating injuries that were not life-threatening.  The police claimed that the female student is still in the hospital in stable condition. The police saw the three male students sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and found a knife and hammer in the room. Schulerburg was in the middle and had blood on his hands. He was found guilty and surrendered as he claimed that he has hurt himself and others around him, on being questioned. The police confirmed that Schulerburg and the female student has a prior relationship. St. Olaf College had issued a no-contact order for him and warned him to stay away from him. khuyên bạn nên xem:  What Is Jena Sims Net Worth In 2023? American actress fortune explored mytranshop news

Moreover, the prosecutors said that at the hospital the female-identified him as her attacker. The attacker told the police that he had planned to buy a gun to shoot himself or someone else, with ‘someone else’ being the female student. The Northfield Police Department said there’s no ongoing to the public.

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