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American Idol 2023 Schedule

Here’s the recap of AMERICAN IDOL episode 14. Read the entire article to know all the updates. Tonight episode 14 of the singing reality show American Idol got telecasted. The top 20 contestants performed live, with overnight voting results revealing 10 Idol hopefuls who will continue. Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie will choose two singers to round out the Top 12 competing to be the next American Idol. Emmy Award winner Ryan Seacrest hosts the reality TV competition series for the show’s sixth season on ABC and 21st overall. Here’s everything to know about American Idol Season 21, Finalists, judges, and celebrity mentors.

American Idol 2023 Schedule

American Idol 2023 Contestants

At 8 pm, the Top 20 revealed and performed for America’s vote. Viewers had until 9 am ET/ 6 am PT Monday morning to vote for their favorite. Let’s find out who all made it to the Top 12! At 8:05 pm WE ANI is the first singer to advance to the Top 12. It’s fitting considering they made her wait all night on Sunday – she was the last to find out she made the Top 20. In celebration, she belts out ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman.

American Idol Top 12 Contestants List

S.N Singer Location
1 Tyson Venegas Vancouver, BC
2 William Tongi Kahuku, HI
3 Haven Madison Clarksville, TN
4 Colin Stough Amory, MS
5 Zachariah Smith Amory, MS
6 Lucy Love Holly Grove, AR
7 Warren Peay Bamberg, SC
8 Marybeth Byrd Armorel, AR
9 Wé Ani Harlem, NY
10 Oliver Steele Mt. Juliet, TN
11 Megan Danielle Douglasville, GA
12 Nutsa Buzaladze

Later, at 8:10 pm and 8:20 pm, the stage was taken over by MICHEAL WILLIAMS and HANNAH NICOLAISEN respectively. Michael Williams learns that he is the night’s first artist in the danger zone. He sang ‘golden hour’ by Jvke in hopes of convincing the judges that he deserves to stay. Whereas, Hannah Nicolaisen was the next singer in the hot seat. Unfortunately, she’s in the danger zone, but before she takes a seat she performs Royals by Lorde in a last-ditch effort to stay in the game.

American Idol Top 26 Contestants

S. No. Singer name Location
1 Elise Kristine Issaquah, WA
2 Matt Wilson Buffalo, NY
3 Emma Busse Vancouver, BC
4 Elijah McCormick Raeford, NC
5 Tyson Venegas Vancouver, BC
6 William Tongi Kahuku, HI
7 Haven Madison Clarksville, TN
8 Colin Stough Amory, MS
9 Megan Danielle Douglasville, GA
10 Oliver Steele Mt. Juliet, TN
11 Dawson Wayne San Antonio, TX
12 Malik Heard Dallas, TX
13 Pjae Lawton, OK
14 Nutsa Buzaladze Tbilisi, GA
15 Zachariah Smith Amory, MS
16 Lucy Love Holly Grove, AR
17 Warren Peay Bamberg, SC
18 Marybeth Byrd Armorel, AR
19 Wé Ani Harlem, NY
20 Mariah Faith Conway, SC
21 Paige Anne Idaho Falls, ID
22 Olivia Soli Los Angeles, CA
23 Michael Williams Mason, OH
24 Hannah Nicolaisen Houston, TX
25 Nailyah Serenity Charlotte, NC
26 Algonquin, IL

At 8:23 pm and 8:27 pm, WARREN PEAY and MARIAH FAITH performed their part. Warren Peay gets good news, he’s in the top 12! After breathing a sigh of relief, Warren entertains the audience with a fitting rendition of It’s not my time by 3 Doors Down. Whereas, Mariah Faith learns she is being sent to the danger zone. She sings a hit from The Steel Drivers If it hadn’t Been for Love to save herself.

At 8:30 pm and 8:35 pm, HAVEN MADISON and NAILYAH SERENITY got their chance. Haven Madison is the next artist to learn she’s safe. The 17-year-old sings her original song ’15’ to celebrate. Whereas, Nailyah Serenity is heading to the danger zone. After singing ‘Alive’ by Sia, Katy tells her she’s a star. There’s a good chance the judges could save Nailyah.

Later, from 8:45 to 9:00 pm, artists like PAIGE ANNE, MATT WILSON, TYSON VENEGAS, and COLIN STOUGH performed their hearts out. Before 10 pm all the contestants namely, MARYBETH BYRD, KAEYRA, OLIVER STEELE, OLIVIA SOLI, IAM TONGI, ZACHARIAH SMITH, LUCY LOVE, MEGAN DANIELLE, and JENNIFER HOLLIDAY performed their part. Out of them, only a few made it to the top-12.

The judges now have to choose two artists from the 10 sitting in the danger zone. They have to come to a decision and finally, the two sports belong to Lucy and Nutsa. We congratulate the two of them for grabbing this prestigious position. khuyên bạn nên xem:  Is Andrew Tate Arrested Again? Charged Bucharest Court Explored mytranshop news

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