What Happened To Nieves Fernandez? Teacher Killed 200 Japanese in WWII Guerrilla war Philippines lclt mytranshop news

Nieves Fernandez

In this article, we are going to share an Untold Story. This story is something that you haven’t imagined in your life. This story is based on true events. This untold story is of Nieves Fernandez the School teacher who killed 200 Japanese in the WW2 Guerrilla War Phillippines lclt. This story is viral on the internet. Most people don’t know about this story. This is a very horrifying story. Now a lot of people want to know about this story. People want to that what is in the story which makes it so horrifying. So we are going to share the whole story with you. So, Read the whole article.

Nieves Fernandez

How did Nieves Fernandez die?

This story is known as the untold story of Nieves Fernandez the School teacher who killed 200 Japanese in the WW2 Guerrilla War Philippines lclt. As we all know, world war 2 was one of the deadliest battles in human history. At the time of world war, 2 Japanese soldiers were used to torture the Philippines people. They used to take away the women of the Philippines. And after that, they keep them as slaves for their entertainment. they always used to torture everyone from children to elders.  And they used to force the prisoners to drink a lot of water. Then repeatedly jumping on their stomach.

At that time there was a lady who decided that she would either get killed or die. Her name was “Nieves Fernandez”. She was a schoolteacher in Phillippines. She became a guerrilla commander to save the lives of her students. She killed many Japanese soldiers. She killed many soldiers in very different ways for about 3 years. She killed more than 200 soldiers with just one knife. Nieves’s life was occupied by Japanese soldiers. So she knew that they are gonna kill her and her students. So at that time, she decided to become a soldier.

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Nives make several short guns with the help of a gas pipe. She was very brave. She always knew that fighting directly would be the worst plan so she decided to silently carry out a guerrilla war in the jungles. Japanese soldiers tried to catch Neives a lot of times. After that hey raised a reward that whoever will catch her that will get rewarded. After a lot of times, Phillipenes got the support of America after Japan was defeated in world war 2. Nieves became the bravest person because she saved the lives of 110 people and she almost killed more than 200 Japanese soldiers. Hats off to her. So this was all about this untold story. So, Stay tuned with PKB news.

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