When Is Easter 2023? Date, History, Significance And All You Need mytranshop news

Easter 2023

Easter is coming in a few days and people are eager to know more about the festival and its celebration. You will get complete details about the festival in this article. Keep reading for more details.

Easter 2023

When Will Easter be Celebrated?

According to calendars, Easter is going to be celebrated on 9th April 2023. Why Easter is celebrated?

Why Easter Is Celebrated?

Easter is celebrated every year when the winter starts going and the weather starts becoming warm. The date of the celebration is not fixed. It changes every year. It depends upon the Gregorian calendar and other factors after analyzing which, date is fixed every year. Easter is an important festival for Christians. It is celebrated every year as a holy festival. Its preparations are started on the last Sunday before Easter. It is called Palm Sunday.

Easter 2023

During this time Catholics came together to participate in the passion of Jesus Christ. It is the period in which Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem from the time he was crucified. Holy Saturday and Good Friday are also considered holy days. Along with this, Wednesday was also added as the day on which Judas plotted betrayal against Jesus.

Easter 2023

Easter has four different parts. Their significance and history are as follows.:

Palm Sunday: It marks the period when Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Holy Thursday: It marks the last meal or supper and washing feet.

Good Friday: It marks the crucifixion of Jesus.

Easter Sunday: It is known for the resurrection of Jesus.

How Easter Date Is Recognized?

Easter date varies according to moon phrases, the vernal equinox, and the Gregorian calendar. Easter is going to be celebrated on 9th April 2023 this year. It occurs after six and a half weeks of Ash Wednesday. It comes between the ending days of March to the April end.

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Easter 2023

Significance Of Easter:

Easter reminds every Christian of the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. Every Christian goes to crunch and pray. Jesus Christ is referred to as the child of God. They also follow Christian traditions and Easter Eggs rituals. Easter Hare is also used during the Easter season. It is similar to Santa Claus’s role in Christmas.

Easter 2023


Easter is celebrated every year in remembrance of Jesus Christ and his resurrection. Easter Sunday is on 9th April 2023. Easter has a lot of significance in the life of Christians. It starts with Ash Wednesday, a day of Lent. Many people pray and fast on this day. It is followed by Palm Sunday which is on  April  2023 this year, followed by Holy Thursday on 6 April 2023, followed by Good Friday on 7 April 2023, and Easter Sunday on 9 April 2023.

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