Who Is Evita Duffy Alfonso? Parents Age, Nationality, Family, Instagram mytranshop news

Evita Duffy Alfonso Parents

Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos are in the headlines. People are eager to know more about them. Who are Evita Duffy Alfonso’s parents? You will get complete details about Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Evita Duffy Alfonso Parents

Who Is Evita Duffy Alfonso?

Evita Duffy Alfonso is doing well in the writing industry. People are eager to know more about her parents. Her parents have a great role in her career and success. She is yet getting less attention from people. She started quite early in her life. She completed her study and was a bright student both at college and at work.

Specifications Details
Name Evita Duffy
Real name Dennis Keith Rodman
Profession Actress
Age 23 years old
D.O.B 1 October 1999
Hometown Hayward, Wisconsin, United States of America, U.S.
Parents Sean Duffy, Rachel Campos-Duffy
Nationality American

She is said to be the best on her team. She worked with The Federalist which is a website. She wrote multiple articles on it. She has her own business. She is the co-founder and editor of Chicago Thinker. She has mentioned Chaicago Thinker on LinkedIn. She is getting recognized for her business. People are curious to know about Evita Duffy’s parents.

Who Are Evita Duffy’s Parents?

Evita Duffy Alfonso was born to Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos. She is 1999 born and belongs to Wisconsin, United States. Evita was the eldest of all her siblings. Her father, Sean Duffy, is a politician. Her mother, Rachel Campos, is a television performer. They both are famous. She got recognition from her parents. Her parents are happily married and living their life peacefully. The best thing is that she loves spending with them.

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Her [parents got married in 1999. She was born in the same year. Her father has achieved many things in her life and is the US representative. As her mother belongs to the television industry, she has been in several MTV reality shows. She is known by her parent’s name more. She is working for making her own name and has achieved success in it.

She has a young sister who was born just 3-4 years back in 2019. Unfortunately, she has 2 holes in her heart. She has a dream to become like her father and he is her inspiration. There are rumors about her being in a relationship. According to Sources, she does not have any boyfriend as she is married to Michael Alsfonso and living her life happily with her husband.

She recently got married on 24 June 2022. Her wedding was organized at new jersey’s St. Brigid Roman Catholic Church. They posted on Instagram about their marriage in August 2022. Stay tuned for more details.

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