Who Is Kacy Banks? Arrested Over 28 Years Old Tarik Greene Murder mytranshop news


Kacy Banks was arrested on 15th March 2023. The reason behind his arrest is said to be a murder case. Tarik Greene was shot dead on 22 February. People want to know more about the case. You will get complete details about Kacy Bank’s arrest case in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Kacy BanksKacy Banks

Who Was Tarik Greene? 

Tarik Greene was a 28-year-old guy. He was killed after he left his room at a Motel Early Morning.  The possibility is saying that Kacy Banks might be the suspect who killed him. He died before sunrise. The news has taken the headlines. The shooting was said to occur early in the morning. People want to have more details about the incident. 

Explanation Of the Incident Took Place: 

Kacy Banks who is a 26-year-old man is said to be arrested for finding him guilty of murder. The surveillance footage was studied, and reports were made. According to the sources, the footage shows that Tarik Greene left the motel, Howard Johnson Inn at 2:20 A.M. The footage showed that Kacy Banks was hiding behind a wall at the second-floor stairwell and fired the victim as he came there. The room was said to be booked by Kacy Banks. He was reported to the police by an individual whose identity is not mentioned. 


The police arrived at 3:00 A.M. He was taken to the local hospital, but he passed away at 4:45 A.M. in the hospital. Tarik Greene’s family is going through hard times. His family mentions that he was residing in Millville. He was born in Willingboro. The family did not reveal much about him. We don’t have information about whether he was married or not. The family has asked for some privacy. Kacy Banks has been put on different charges that include robbery, criminal homicide, and weapons offenses. 

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Was Kacy Banks the Suspect? 

Well, sources mention that he was not found guilty. The charges were more of allegations. He has been detained in Philadelphia. He is currently in jail. The process of his extradition to New Jersey has been processed. A woman also exited the same room and left the motel in Kacy’s car. She revealed in a police investigation that she invited the men to have sex with her in the room. They both started fighting for the room. Kacy was waiting for Tarik to come out of the room and fired at him. The investigation is going on. We will pray for justice. 

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