Who Is Moudi Tajjour? Arrested, Ex-Nomads boss, emerged on TikTok mytranshop news

Moudi Tajjour

It has not been a long time since former Nomads bikie boss was brutally bashed in a parking lot and a video of him emerged on the internet. In the video, the former Nomads bikie boss Moudi Tajjour can be seen taunting Mongol opponents. Meanwhile, he became the topic of the town. Netizens have once against started searching for Moudi Tajjour. Recently, he posted a video on TikTok. In the video, Moudi Tajjour is going hard on Mongol opponents. This is the reason, the former Nomads bikie boss Moudi Tajjour is one of the most trending subjects on the internet. You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details and updates. Drag down the page and take a look below. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Moudi Tajjour

Who Is Moudi Tajjour?

As mentioned, Moudi Tajjour posted a video on TikTok, in the video the bikie boss is making fun of Nick The Knife Forbes who is the president of the Mongol nation. In fact, the former Nomads bikie boss Moudi Tajjour exploded in the video to mock Mongol opponents. A few weeks ago, Moudi Tajjour was brutally beaten in a public parking lot. Thus Moudi Tajjour goes rogue and explodes at a gangster who is said to be Australia’s toughest gangster.


Many are discussing that Moudi Tajjour’s taunting video can put his life in danger as he had brutally bashed outside a Bunning on the Gold Coast. Talking about the video, Moudi Tajjour can be heard saying, “These people aren’t real gangsters; they’re not a danger to me. I’m confronting ’em. Treat me to dinner for what I said. Go on. I am aware that you are watching, Nick. By the end of the f…king year, I swear to you, you’ll know my voice better than you do your own missus’. I’m calling you a dog and a junky, after all. You will need to take action, Nicky.” Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Moudi Tajjour Arrested

The former Nomads bikie boss kept on saying I am back where I used to live in Parramatta. He also challenged Nick and he also challenged him to deny it because he is not from Sydney. He said, “I’m back where I used to live (in Parramatta). Now Nick, what defense do you have? You can’t claim that you don’t know where he is because you’re not from Sydney; I just told you where I live. Go ahead, call me out for what I said. Nick, I am certain that you want to.” Swipe down the page and read more details.

Let us recall the incident when Moudi Tajjour was attacked in a parking lot. This incident dates back to December 4, 2022. Now it has been six weeks since this incident took place outside a Bunning store located on the Gold Coast. Later footage of the incident also came out. But there is no surety that Forbes took part. Reportedly, there were four highly tattooed men in the parking lot. Four tattooed guys bashed the former Nomads bikie boss.

Moudi Tajjour

Why was Moudi Tajjour Arrested

The video shows the former Nomads bikie boss having his shirt torn off and four guys dragging, kicking, punching, and stomping on him. One guy can be heard saying “where is your podcast now, dog?” The attackers fled the scene and left Moudi Tajjour curled up on the pavement. The 38-year-old former bikie leader said a “steroid head” had suddenly attacked him and hit him from behind. Meanwhile, Moudi Tajjour spent many days in the hospital. Nevertheless, previously he shared a video on TikTok. Scroll down the page and read what he said.

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Moudi Tajjour

Moudi Tajjour said after the attack, “I was f***ing on my phone, I glanced up and was dog-shot.” Reportedly, Harley Cranston who is 31 years of age has been charged with assault causing severe injuries. After the incident, police responded to Moudi Tajjour’s home then he said that police had informed him that the Mongols wanted him to be aware that Cranston had “done without the consent of his club.” Kindly take a look at the next section and read more details.

Moudi Tajjour

He responded while adding, “Listen, I don’t want to hear it.” I am not going after youse, I swear on the Koran. He further stated you do not have to transfer homes or do anything like that. The former Nomads bikie boss stated that when a fight occurred between him and Cranston at a boat ramp, Mongol bikers were sent. “I couldn’t take off; I’d rather be pummeled. I’m not able to leave, dude. Running is not something I would do. I put down my phone, did my best to get away from them, and then I saw that they were all staring at me.” Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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