Who Is Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke? Age, Instagram, and, Family mytranshop news

Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke

The wedding season is going on and many famous couples are tying the wedding knot. Fans are watching their wedding photos and sharing them with each other and they are constantly talking about the weddings of other couples and keen to know who married whom. In this regard, many Internet users are looking to know about the wife of Penn Badgley and here we are ready to share the information about his wife. The talented actor is always the talk of the town due to his brilliant acting and that is why he has accumulated a huge fan following.

Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke

Who Is Penn Badgley’s Wife Domino Kirke?

Penny raised his fan following after playing the role of Joe Goldberg in the popular Netflix series titled “You”. His love life is always an interesting topic to have a discussion on it because people really love the chemistry between the actor with his wife. He tied the wedding knot with Domino Kirke and both are living together for a quite long time but still look new together. The cute love story of the couple has accumulated much attention from their admirers with several keen on the timeline of the couple. Scroll down to know the details in a detailed manner.

Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke

The Succesful Married Life Of Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley always love to talk about his wife and expressed his love for her on multiple occasions. This couple is ideal for many and that is why their fans know about it. The actor in “You” is happily married to his wife, Domino Kirke since the year 2017. The relationship between the couple has been the subject of much media attention with admirers usually keen on their personal lives and love story. Both first met in the year 2014 at a bar located in Brooklyn. After that meeting, both decided to date each other and in the year 2016, both decided to get engaged. After a year, this lovely couple got hatched in a small courthouse ceremony in the month of February 2017.

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Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke

The wife of Penn Badgley is a singer and doula. Domino Kirke is the daughter of Lorraine and Simon Kirke. Simon Kirke was the drummer for the classic rock band named “Bad Company”, and Lorraine Kirke is a boutique owner and designer. She has 2 sisters, Jemima Kirke, and Lola Kirke and both are popular in the entertainment industry. Domino was born on 17th December 1983 which means 38 years old. She is 3 years older than her spouse. The couple has recently bought a new home in upstate New York.

Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke Penn Badgley Wife Domino Kirke

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