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Tiktok Scar Girl

TikTok star Scar Girl has been embroiled in a controversy. Meanwhile, she became the topic of the town. Netizens in large volumes are taking over the internet and searching if Scar Girl’s scar is real or fake. As per the reports, this issue has become one of the most talked-about discussions on the internet. As a result of this controversy, netizens have split up into two parts. Some are claiming that Scar Girl’s scar is real while some are alleging that Annie uses a fake scar to captivate the attention of the audience. Recently, the Scar Girl addressed the matter and commented on her scar. You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article for more details. Drag down the page and read more details. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Tiktok Scar Girl

Who Is Tiktok Scar Girl Annie?

Many social media consumers have alleged that Scar Girl’s scar is fake and she draws to catfish her viewers. In addition, they also questioned the shape of her scar which changes every day. Many also claimed that her scar has become thicker than it was a few months ago. Now it has become a debate if Scar Girl draws a scar on her cheek daily or if it is real. Recently, the Tiktok star took to her account and addressed this matter. Scroll down the page and read what she said on it.

Tiktok Scar Girl Annie Contvoversy

Tiktok Scar Girl Tiktok Scar Girl Tiktok Scar Girl

Tiktok Scar Girl

Tiktok Scar Girl Real Name, Age, Instagram

Real Name Annie
Known By Scar Girl
Profession Model
Age 23
Famouse For Scar Girl
TikTok @wtmab
Instagram @annbonelli
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On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, Scar Girl aka Annie posted a video on TikTok to show everyone that her scar is not fake or it is not drawn. She demonstrates it by using a wipe on her cheek where the scar is. Annie traces the scar spot with micellar water poured on a cotton bud. But the scar remains the same and does not wipe off. That means it is real. But still, some people were not convinced and commented in the comment section. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Scar Girl aka Annie said, “That’s not the same scar. The second one was from a topical, like a chemical burn that was on top of the first scar” You can find the Scar Girl on TikTok where she goes with the username @wtmab. She has garnered thousands of followers on TikTok, she has more than 576K followers on Tiktok. Netizens mainly recognize her as being a girl with a deep and visible cut on her cheek. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

Scar Girl Annie Tiktok Videos


hey guys, originally in March of 2020 when I was injured and realized that this would be a permanent mark on my face forever I was embarrassed. I was so upset that I thought my face was ruined as insecure as I was already at 15 navigating highschool. I felt like the opportunity to look at myself in the mirror and smile was taken away from me because of a cruel situation. It was until one day that I realized that covering my scar and openly hating it was a disservice to those close to me and myself suffering from insecurities. While I decided not to cover it for those reasons it never fully went away and neither did my insecurities because when I looked in the mirror I saw the reason behind why it was there. Unfortunately I had a poor reaction to the first topical I tried in an attempt to fade it. I was sloppy applying it as well and this led to a longer injury. I was in a dark place knowing that it was now even worse. I had to wait til that fully healed to start a second treatment which I began in august. Since then, this treatment has been super invasive and I cannot emphasize the pain directed around that injury. It’s at a point where it genuinely does look gross, it has risen and it’s scabbed over. I also did not think about how tanner would get in the scabbed area when I did it. It should get better with time but unfortunately all of my scars do still heal brown. While I don’t think it’s right that people mindlessly comment hate for whatever reason it is, I do make a decision to put myself out on the internet. My account was made to show those out there, they’re more than their scars. Not to have a comment section showing those same people they should hate themselves because of their scars. I’ll never stop using my platform for DV awareness and body positivity. I hope this video is what y’all need to move on or at least understand. No one should make a comment on someone’s scars, especially not knowing the history behind that scar or the person on the screen. If anyone ever needs to talk my dms are open, I would love to listen to your stories and hype y’all up. I promise I hear u and I see u. Thank you and I hope y’all will move with grace in the future.

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