Who Is Zhi Alan Cheng? Why Zhi Alan Chang Is Arrested? mytranshop news

Zhi Alan Cheng

In this article, we are going to tell you why Zhi Alan Cheng was arrested. Doctor Zhi Alan Cheng works at a prestigious hospital in New York City. Between July 2020 and December 2022, he was employed by NewYork-Presbyterian. In addition, Zhi graduated from Albany Medical College of Union University in 2016 with honors. He then served as a physician resident at California Pacific Medical Center. In addition, Cheng has identified himself as a Flushing, New York-based internal medicine specialist. In addition, because Cheng is accused of sexual assault, the public is interested in learning more about the details of his arrest and the status of his case, which are covered in detail below.

Zhi Alan Cheng Arrested

Why Zhi Alan Chang Is Arrested?

Yes, Zhi Alan Chang has been detained and is facing sexual assault charges. An unidentified female patient has filed a lawsuit against NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and several employees. The hospital, according to the unidentified female, covered up Dr. Chang’s assault charges. Chang allegedly poisoned her with an unidentified chemical and videotaped her assault in the examination room in June 2021. On December 27, 2022, Zhi was fired when a woman with whom the doctor had an intimate relationship reported to authorities that she had obtained a film of Cheng sedating and assaulting her sexually on multiple occasions while she spent the night at his apartment. Cheng was the subject of Zhi’s investigation.

Zhi Alan Cheng

Who Is Zhi Alan Cheng?

Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng allegedly found tapes showing him sedating and sexually assaulting a lady he had a close relationship with in December 2022. She called the police, and on December 27 Dr. Cheng was taken into custody. After that, investigating his electronic devices, the police discovered films of additional sexual assaults. A grand jury returned an indictment against Cheng on December 30 of the same year, charging him with rape, assault, illegal surveillance, and sexual abuse. After the accusations and Cheng’s imprisonment, NewYork-Presbyterian was suspended from duty, barred from hospital grounds, and fired. Cheng’s license to practice medicine was also revoked on April 7, 2023.

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Zhi Alan Cheng was detained and accused of sexual assault, as was previously mentioned. He is currently detained on Rikers Island pending trial. Dr. Cheng is currently facing severe backlash online as a result of his behavior. Many people have banded together to call on anyone who has been harmed by Cheng to speak up and share their story. A New York Personal Injury Attorneys Blog piece also urged readers to get in touch if a loved one had experienced a similar scenario involving Dr. Zhi. So this was all about this case. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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