Why Hushpuppi Was Arrested In Dubai? What Did Instagram Star Amirah Do mytranshop news

Why Hushpuppi Was Arrested In Dubai

These days most of the headlines of news are showing arrest cases. However, some are true and some are fake and that is why people look to know the truth of it. This time as well many people are busy searching for the arrest news of Amirah Dyme. They want to know what crime she has committed which brought her into the news. Some are thinking this news is fake and some are thinking is clickbait news. There is no doubt in stating that, this news is trending all over social media and people are concerned about it. Amirah Dyme is a well-known personality on social media and she rose a fan following through her Instagram account.

Hushpuppi Instagram Star

Why Hushpuppi Was Arrested In Dubai?

There are several rumours spreading on the web stating that she has been detained by the police. Now the fans want to know if really Instagram has been detained and if yes then what crime she has committed. As usual, this news has been found as just a fake rumour and she is not in police custody. In fact, she was never apprehended. Looks like fake rumours have been circulating after the arrest news of her former beau, Hushpuppi. The real name of Hushpuppi is Raymond Abass who was suspected as an internet fraudster. The former beau of the IG star was detained in Dubai related to the fraud case.

Why Hushpuppi Was Arrested In Dubai

What Did Instagram Star Amirah Do?

As soon as the arrest news of her former beau came into the news, the social media star took her social media account and slammed him for mocking and seeming down on people who worked hard to earn money. She asserts that Hushpuppi looks down on individuals he thinks are not sufficient since they are not earning as much money as him. She allegedly dumped her former beau after he got imprisoned in the month of June 2020. The involvement of Amirah with the accused fraudster prior to his detain increased her followers on social media accounts.

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Hushpuppi arrested

She hails from Germany and at present she is 28 years old. She is usually known by her nickname which is “Cake Queen”. She created her account on IG in the month of June 2016 and since then he has amassed a huge fan base. At the time of writing, she has accumulated 3.8 million followers on her social media account. She usually posts her modelling photos and even promoted fashion brands like Fashion Nova, NA-KD, and Blanco Bay. But this time she is in the news not because of her latest brand promotion or any viral photo but due to her arrest news.

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