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Pat Sajak Tackle Video

Whenever there are any changes in the public’s favourite show they all started to look into the matter. The public is always curious if there are any new changes in the show. And that is what is going on with the fans of the show Wheel of Fortune. In the recent episode, there have been some changes in the cast and when the fans get to know they started to search more and more about the matter. They like to know the reason behind this change as well as they also like to know what happens to Pat Sajak. To know what happens to the host of Wheel of Fortune, continue with your reading.

Pat Sajak Tackle VideoImage Credit: (Wheel of Fortune/YouTube)

Why Is Pat Sajak Not On Wheel Of Fortune?

The first fresh episode of Wheel of Fortune debuted on April 26. Pat and Vanna presented the show as usual at the start. Sarah, Marcus, and Tammy were among the contestants who participated in the game show. The Wheel of Fortune was spinning for the entirety of the programme, and participant Sarah won more than $14,000 and advanced to the bonus round. When the show resumed for Sarah’s bonus round following a commercial break, Pat had left his hosting position. Pat had been replaced by another man who was hosting the show next to Sarah.

The Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak unexpectedly swapped places with Jim Thornton, the announcer for the bonus puzzle, during the programme that aired on Wednesday. While some viewers thought it was funny, others thought it might be an indication of host auditions. When the contestant in the bonus puzzle, Sarah, got the answer wrong and lost, he turned to the camera to smile and say how happy he was to have met her. When the game was over, Pat and Jim joined in the announcer booth to reveal the bonus puzzle. Jim gave the incorrect answer, losing an additional $40,000 to Pat. Jim, though, reassured her that she was nearby and turned to face the camera to show how happy he was to have met her.

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Pat and Jim stayed in the announcer’s booth at the game’s conclusion and demonstrated the bonus puzzle before Pat left the stage for the credits. Vanna humorously retorted that he had just missed the bonus round when he inquired about what else he had missed. The official explanation was kept a secret. American game show presenter and television personality Pat Sajak, real name Patrick Leonard Sajdak, is well-known. The renowned American television game show Wheel of Fortune, which he has hosted continuously since 1981, is what makes him most well-known.

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